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Re: Uniformity

There's so much we can wish for, probably never enough, but I think we should be grateful that Strelets is keeping the hobby alive in the first place.
Just let's keep in mind that in the end they have to make some money to do so, so economizing by reusing the same horse poses for different sets is certainly a valid solution, even if it's not a perfect one - just let's hope the mould is holding up as it's got to be used more often ...
I don't think that making mutiple sets in different poses is a good idea for every unit. French WoSS horse grenadiers, musketeers, gendarmes & chevaulegeres de la garde were relatively small units, so the one unit one set solution is probably all we can hope for and that's fine with me. For Line cavalry, cuirassiers, dragoons etc. the situation is different, these were quite numerous in most armies and thus making multiple sets concentrating on a specific action (as for WoSS French Dragoons) makes sense.
Charging poses, while great, are a matter of personal taste, it wasn't the most common action on a battlefield and certainly diorama builders (who will need and buy LOTS of figures) will probably need more figures halting, marching, advancing or "at the ready" than actually charging. For Wargames purposes "advancing" is perhaps the most versatile pose.
In the end we can always use horses from other sets (viz. put French WoSS dragoons on horses from their dismounted set for example) or create different poses by bending arms, turning or replacing heads, as we've done so often in the past when there were far less minis to choose from.