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Re: Arditi

Dear 'Baratheon',

Plenty of upside, as you note. (Not to mention Hat's back-catalogue, along with the odd new set...).

You may well know this already, but if not I'm sure you'll be interested to hear that the Roman artillery are next 'cab off the rank' for linear-A's production! The images of masters posted so far on the new forum look beaut too.

Regards, James

Re: Arditi

Depends on the era someone is interested in though Baratheon.
None of those are regular Napoleonic set manufacturers for example, some have never even made such a set.
Zvezda hasn't made a serious new Napoleonic set in a while. Little game piece sets I wouldn't count.

I put it like this when it comes to mistakes in sets, whether that be accuracy, mould or the sculpt itself.....
Some are easy to ignore, some not so much. Some are easy to rectify, some require extra cost and intricate work to get the best from. Some are just plain silly decisions made by the designers. Yes, you are only as good as the source material you work from. Perhaps then the lesson is to make sure you don't just trust 1 source, but work from a selection of different sources.

When you have only got 1 real quality thoroughbred horse in the race, I just want to see it get over the fences cleanly!!

Re: Arditi

You have at least two Nappy horses in the race to be fair Roger - coming soon for you:

Yes, very much looking forward to all three Roman Arty sets James.

Re: Arditi

Nice figure, as is the Highlander shown alongside too (much closer to the older Napoleonic highlander sets in style than the new ones, could easily just blend in to the highlanders in attack set).

Re: Arditi

That is a very nice figure, but it's a good thing he's wearing leather gauntlets.

Re: Arditi

Nice figure Lord Baratheon. Where does it come from? Who is the manufacturer?

Re: Arditi

Thomas, that figure is from an upcoming Napoleonic set (#027) from Linear-A which consists of French Dragoons, Carabiniers and Lancers.

Re: Arditi

Poses, sculpting, historical accuracy of the masters looked good but the product certainly not. Commenting further on it I would feel like kicking someone already lying on the ground.

It is obvious H. is no longer the company it used to be, and for the reasons well described here. The "new" sets stem from masters designed a decade ago. I can't see many more to follow, a) because the pipeline bought from the original company must be nearly released by now (two WW2 sets British and U. S., and some AWI / 7YW sets might still be in the unreleased masters library) and b) because the last releases certainly will not yield great sales owing to the poor quality control.

It clearly demonstrates that producing good 1/72 plastics is no minor achievement, so more power to those still providing us with new and re-released sets. :+1: Regards, Pa