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Re: WoSS French dragoons in attack

I agree, but only to a limited extent Flambeau. The French Dragoons in Attack set just about allows two ranks of 'attacking' dragoons, with the second rank in distinctly less 'aggressive' poses than the first.

However, the biggest give-away is perhaps that the horses are ambling along in a distinctly 'on the march' way, rather than cantering....'charging' might be a bit too much to expect of a relatively small dragoon mount, at least in French service at this time.

However: The great thing now about the Strelets WoSS range is that there are an increasing number of horses, which allows some mixing and matching between sets. This takes a bit of thinking through, and a little modification, but allows the option of creating units which are not literally 'out of the box'.

Incidentally, I am unable to open the link to the artwork.

Re: WoSS French dragoons in attack

As I said my complaint may be a bit over critical :wink: and for a set not specifically labelled "in attack" (as the British cavalry) it would be inapropriate. I just thought it could have been a bit more dynamic - compare it for instance to the old Saxon Garde du Corps (which may have been a bit too dramatic, but ...)
The link was to John Wootton's painting of Blenheim thete are French dragoons on horseback on the left of the picture. You can easily google it.