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Dawn before the storm

As ever Chris, a beautifully composed scene. The definition of 'atmospheric'.

Does this mean that your game is now underway, or are you developing and experimenting with figures and terrain?

Regards, James

Re: Dawn before the storm

Wow very atmospheric picture there, brings a whole new meaning to the old saying....."red sky in the morning, shepherds warning".

Re: Dawn before the storm

A breathtaking original composition. As always excellent..

Re: Dawn before the storm

As others have said, a superbly atmospheric photograph. We look forward to many more, and some first class modelling too, as the full panorama of this project is revealed. Well done!

Re: Dawn before the storm

Very well done ,as always, and as stated already, very atmospheric .

Re: Dawn before the storm

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments.

I sent this picture to Stretlets as I liked the ‘rain effect’ as the light caught the water I had put on the grass.

However, my good friend Thomas Mischak thought the sky too red so I went with his opinion and redid it as part of the dawn to 6.15 AM section.

The project is well under way and available to view at

I will, in the meantime send some pictures to Stretlets for their consideration.

Without their fantastic range, my project would have cost many times more than it has.

Thank you again.

Best wishes,


Re: Dawn before the storm

I can only add my kudos.