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Re: 3D Print figures on ebay

Depends, maybe a bit too fat on the wargames table, but as part of a diorama and viewed from afar they're probably fine.
Besides, I still have the odd Minifigs among my 20mm figures which I bought in the late 70s when nothing else was available (Personalities, 95th Rifles, 52nd Light Infantry and British Light Dragoons and Prussian horse). I would have preferred Les Higgins, but they were hard to come by where I lived. I don't use the Minifigs cavalry anymore but Boney and Wellington still stand out big, proud and most certainly larger than life (making good artillery targets too :relaxed:). So you may say I have a rather broad approach to the subject, I guess ... :wink:

Re: 3D Print figures on ebay

The Grand Duchy of Warsaw set has two very nice vivandiers. Perhaps it wouldn't matter if they were a bit oversize? It's not clear if he posts outside the U.K. though.

Some of these figures can be found on the Speira site but they're not Speira figures. Has anyone bought them in conjunction with the Speira figures and can tell us how they match.

Re: 3D Print figures on ebay

These are from David Varquez its a kickstarter project. You can buy stl files for the figures, they are totaly rescaleable from 6mm up to 54mm