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Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

As the others have mentioned, while I am not 100% sure, I don't believe the Russian jagers did carry least not on the battlefield anyway. I have seen loads of examples of flags for the musketeers etc.
I don't think carrying standards onto the field was a thing for many of the jager/light infantry of the period. I imagine such an item would not be overly helpful to the tactics of skirmishing!

Curious that Strelets had such a pose made for this set. Another research mistake perhaps as it could of been space for another more suitable figure. However being a bare flagpole, the pose can be utilised as a flagbearer for a regular battalion with little modification.
Unless Strelets has found reliable information that indicates they did indeed carry flags into battle.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Perhaps the flagbearer is included because Strelets also has the wargamers in mind. Many rules demand a command set (officer, standard, musician) without regard for historical accuracy. But as Roger said, it can be utilized as a musketeer standard bearer, so not much is lost.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Thanks a lot to all of you. It's a great help.
Special thanks for the wonderful links.

Wish you all a wonderful evening and stay healthy.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Thanks Mr Schmitt & you are welcome.

You stay safe & healthy too.