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Russian Jaeger 1812

Hello, does anyone know if the Russian Jaeger regiments had flags and if so which ones?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Not 100% sure (but 98%), no source I have consulted shows any flags for the Jaegers:

F.-G. Hourtoulle's book on Borodino (Borodino - The Moskwa) shows almost every flag for the Line infantry regiments present as well as the cavalry standards, but none for the Jaegers, so I suppose they had none.

You may also look here:
(scroll down to comment under the first image of a unit with a flag)

and here
it says that this regiment was only given colours in 1813.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Dear Mr Schmitt,

This is the best on-line compilation of information about Russian banners that I have found:

It supports translation to English (and presumably other languages).

Refreshingly (for an internet source) it actually states sources of the information. You'll see on this page that the jägers are noted as receiving flags in 1827 (source Viskovatov):

Regards, James

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

As the others have mentioned, while I am not 100% sure, I don't believe the Russian jagers did carry least not on the battlefield anyway. I have seen loads of examples of flags for the musketeers etc.
I don't think carrying standards onto the field was a thing for many of the jager/light infantry of the period. I imagine such an item would not be overly helpful to the tactics of skirmishing!

Curious that Strelets had such a pose made for this set. Another research mistake perhaps as it could of been space for another more suitable figure. However being a bare flagpole, the pose can be utilised as a flagbearer for a regular battalion with little modification.
Unless Strelets has found reliable information that indicates they did indeed carry flags into battle.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Perhaps the flagbearer is included because Strelets also has the wargamers in mind. Many rules demand a command set (officer, standard, musician) without regard for historical accuracy. But as Roger said, it can be utilized as a musketeer standard bearer, so not much is lost.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Thanks a lot to all of you. It's a great help.
Special thanks for the wonderful links.

Wish you all a wonderful evening and stay healthy.

Re: Russian Jaeger 1812

Thanks Mr Schmitt & you are welcome.

You stay safe & healthy too.