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Re: Strelets 20th anniversary

Dear CPN, it was never my intention to shoot you ... ;-))

Thank you for your link and response. Eventually Strelets can explain why they mentioned on their "about"-page the founding year 1998. And PSR mention 2001 for their first set. I can only assume that 2003 was the year of their final translocation from Russia to Ukraine.
Dear Sansovino,
Don't worry I am not a sheriff!

Re: Strelets 20th anniversary

I wish a Happy 24th Birthday to Strelets, you have given us plenty, and I only want your sustained prosperity for the next decade, to continue producing the diverse sets of figures and kits (artillery) that have excited so many miniature enthusiasts with growing collections and expanding wish lists. Thank you for all the sets you have produced. And cheers to the new ones you will.

Re: Strelets 20th anniversary

Happy Birthday Strelets! I felt lost in the 1/72 scale until I discovered your STRM004 Vikings set in the late 2000s. This set completely re-energized my collection, which now includes a fun mix of Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Romans, Ancient Germans, and Military Order Warriors (some Aztecs from a well known German company may have snuck in too :grin: ). May the next 20 years continue to be good to the company!