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How often does Strelets reissue sets?

Several recent sets I want are now almost impossible to obtain. The two Medieval English sets and the first FFL set, for example. These sets seem to be extremely popular. Any chance of a reissue soon?

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?

Dear Mark,

we re-release about 10 sets/year.
At the moment we have about 400 sets in our portfolio, out of which only 244 are still available, whereas 156 are sold out.
Hence, as at today, chances of a specific set to be re-released stand at 1:15,6.
In one week's time we will have 20th anniversary of the company. That means, that on average, we sell out completely 7,8 sets per annum, i.e. in 5 years' time the list of sold out sets will increase by 39 sets to 195 and chances of a given set to be re-released will be 1:19,5.
That's the theory. In practice some of the molds are completely worn out and unusable (for example, for sets 001, 013, etc.).
The best strategy, really, is to buy what may be of interest to you shortly after initial release.

Please, be advised accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?—20 beaut years

I hope you don't mind me jumping in ahead of you Mark? I really enjoy Strelets' honest, interesting and witty replies. This one is no exception.

Twenty years? Gee, how that has flown by! What wonderful offerings we've had in that time and they become better and better with more prolific output. Will you have something extra special to mark the occasion?

Regards, James

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?—20 beaut years

Wow! 20 years, it really doesn't seem that long and it's great to be part of the journey. Strelets have always done interesting sets with the early ones having the strange ability to seem a bit ugly in the plastic but come alive when they were painted. The commitment to improving quality has been great to see.

I tried to follow the strategy of buying whatever I thought I might vaguely have a use for when it came out but my bank balance just couldn't stand the strain. So I just have to accept that I might occasionally miss out, although I was very surprised and gratified to see the first set of Boer infantry re-issued.

Thank you Strelets for staying the course, at times it must have seemed debateable as to whether it was worth carrying on (I'm glad you did) you never know one day you might make me and Jerzy happy and do that lovely Byzantine range that I know you are longing to do.

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?—20 beaut years

Well Babylonians would be preferable, but count me in on the Byzantine (or should I say "Byzy?") times if they come too! :grin:

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?

Just a thought, would 3D printing of the moulds not prevent moulds from wearing out? I guess if you have a runner 3D printed, you could reprint it more than once couldn't you and have it in pristine condition every time. I know mr. Messori a former fellow contributor on the Hat site has started experimenting with 3D printing which are then converted to rather nice metal figures.

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?

3D scanning the mould may be worth a try going forward. At least the mould design and schematics is always stored in some way. So not lost forever.
However, would a 3D print mould last long during the production process though? Would it only be good for one production run before needing a reprint?
I know the material used for 3D print figures is sometimes a bit brittle. Unless there is a material for 3D printing that will prove far more robust??

Could also use a 3D printer to make more interesting figures/poses/sets that are more awkward to sculpt normally. Napoleonic French trying to take one of the Belgian farms in 1815 or British laying seige to a Spanish fortified town during the Peninsular War for example.
All those poses climbing up siege ladders, rubble, then hand to hand fighting etc. Forlorn hopes etc.

Failing that approach I guess the other thing is if once a mould has become useless, its a perfect opportunity to simply do a remake! Make the set even better than before. Would love to see the WSS sculptor redo the earlier Napoleonic French Cuirassiers & Saxon Garde du Corps charging!!

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?

I agree with the previous contribution. A remake of not only the various cuirassiersets and the Garde du Corps but also a remake of he previous lancers and Russian dragoons both in summer uniform and great coats would boost the sales. It would support the enormous progression Strelets has made since the first issues. Figures are sculpted wonderfully (o.k. Napoleonic horses could do with a remake) and at the moment there is no company to rival them in plastic soldier manufacturing. If moulds are worn out, redoing them makes perfect sense.

Re: How often does Strelets reissue sets?

Thanks for the information, as James said it is very honest and useful!

Personally I would love to see STRM013 and 014 (the Muslim Third Crusade sets) reissued again, as they have so many uses that cover everything from the Ayyubids to the Khwarezm Persians whom faced Genghis Khan's forces straight down to the more fantasy side of things such as the Easterlings in the Tolkien realm. The STRM025 crossbows and STRM117/118 sets mentioned by Mark would be great too. Until then, the WoSS line is fun to watch and looks very nice (I don't really venture past 1789 eras :joy: :grin: ).

Anywho, good luck with it all!