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Re: 'Napoleonic Assortment' contribution

A wonderful contribution Norbert.

I can but add to the praise. Superbly painted figures and wonderful backdrops. I especially like seeing those lovely, recent Strelets cavalry on such fine display.

I was going to ask whether the backdrops had been added using photoshop or such, but then saw the shadows—even more impressive that they are 'real' and part of the whole. Are they prints or are you an artist too?!

Regards, James

Re: 'Napoleonic Assortment' contribution

Hello James,

these backgrounds are from the famous "Dresden" cycle by Benardo Bellotto - better known as Canaletto. I used images from a calendar I bought a few years ago and kept the pages when I recycled the rest of the calendar.

The artist is famous for his baroque cityscapes and especially those of Venice and Dresden. You will get a lot of great pictures on Google if you type in his name.

The Prussian cavalrymen belong to the era of the campaign in Germany of the years 1813-1814 and therefore the Dresden city motifs fit very well of course and the units might actually have marched up the banks of the river Elbe like this once.

I always combine several layers for my photos with which I present my figure montages: Real buildings or structures in the foreground or background to my bases on which I mount the figures (they are not wargamer bases, because I am exclusively a painter and collector of the Napoleonic era - and therefore never use the figures in a game!), together with single trees with which I conceal the side edges of the backgrounds (paintings or matching photos), so that a three-dimensional impression is created.

I am pleased that you like this arrangement.

Best regards


Re: 'Napoleonic Assortment' contribution

Thank you very much for replying Norbert and in such detail.

The ‘Dresden cycle’ is one of the many things that I have learned so far during this day above ground! 😁

Kind regards James

Re: 'Napoleonic Assortment' contribution

May I add my congratulations to the latest contribution and offer the same to James and Borodino ( if not late regards ) a!so.
The passing of the old and the start of the new has got off to a cracking start. The bar has been set very high and now with the especially fine backdrop complimenting the painted figures, phew !
I wonder if it's not too late to take up a different hobby....

Re: 'Napoleonic Assortment' contribution

Wonderful stuff with imagination and flair on display.

The lances look lovely and it is nice to see those sappers in action .

Best wishes,


Re: 'Napoleonic Assortment' contribution

Great work Norbert