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Re: Rules & Ratios

Hi Donald,

Could you tell us by which rules you are playing and how you organize your armies (i.e the ratio of minis to real troop strength like one miniature representing twenty or thirty men)?
Rules: A modified SHAKO set (we call it TRICORNE). A little "dirty" but fast & still has an historical feel.
These have just replaced rules we wrote ourselves (called A GLORIOUS WAR) that over the years, grew bloated & slow as we tried to cover everything.

Figure ratio: about 1:30. I don't think this is a vital thing BTW. A French infantry battalion will have 20 figures, a Prussian 24. A cavalry squadron has 3 figures. A gun model equals a battery of 5-6 real guns.

Interesting, 'bloated and slow'...wasn't that what did for the Austrian and Prussian armies (to name just two) which had their showdown with the armies of French Revolutionary France?

Re: Rules & Ratios

'bloated and slow'.

The name of a not very popular restaurant?