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Re: What will 2022 bring?

Funny thing really. Waterloo lasted about four days and the numbers of in particular British troops(and their allies as far as that is concerned) produced in plastic for this period are staggering. During the Napoleonic era, the Brits however spent about six harsh years fighting in Spain and for that period you might see one maybe two decent infantry sets, no artillery, no good cavalry sets(regrettably the one manufacturer who attempted it, failed to deliver), only one mixed Portugese infantry/cazadores set, a few Spanish infantry sets all without cavalry and artillery. It was a secondary warzone for the emperor at the time and apparently it still is. Even the French(Poles, German and other participants) are not even properly represented for that period(too clean, too well dressed, too homogeneous).
If only..............

Re: What will 2022 bring?

Hi Guys
Happy New Year,

I have to admit I am not too happy with 2022 it brought me Covid, so far just feeling lousy but on the positive my large order from Rupert at Drum and Flag has arrived. so in a couple of days i will be like a kid on Christmas checking out all my goodies.

My big wish for 2022 has partially been done last year, which is bare flag poles been wanting that for a long time, 2022 would be better if all nations that carried 2 flags had either two unique flag bearers or one pose duplicated.

I also second every Napoleonic set mentioned above


Re: What will 2022 bring?

I think the reason why Waterloo has such a fascination for many compared to the Peninsular, is that it directly pitted Wellington against Napoleon. Throw in other personalities like Ney, Picton, Blücher etc. It was also the battle that finally spelled the end of Napoleon.

I like the 100 days campaign and will continue to buy and request sets for it, regardless if sets already exist. I am not someone who says "its already done-so dont need it", as I am someone who believes "more the merrier", not to mention theres a lot of sets out there that are complete rubbish.

However I too would love to see more Peninsular War sets. As you say, we need British light & heavy cavalry for a start, as what got released (after an age of waiting), was poor indeed.

Hi Allan.
Sorry to hear you have caught covid. Fingers crossed it doesn't affect you too badly.