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Re: 2022 and all that...

While we are dreaming;

Waterloo/late napoleonic

French dragoons/chasseurs in Habite veste
British Hussars advancing
Netherlands Carabineers
Brunswick artillery and line/light infantry
Prussian cavalry advancing
Prussian horse artillery and artillery train
A partridge in a pear tree

What I don’t want;

Short fat horses with no ears
Infantry flags in cavalry units
Missing bayonets
Fatigue caps
Highlanders of any pose
Marmite and sprouts sandwiches

Re: 2022 and all that...

Marmite and sprout sandwiches, love Marmite and don`t mind sprouts in moderation, my wife puts Marmite on our roast spuds, delicious, but I have to say your sandwich suggestion is a form of torture I had never imagined. :joy:

Re: 2022 and all that...

Marmite yes.....sprouts......yuk!

Marmite on roast potatoes sounds like something I need to try!!