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Re: Happy New Year to you

Andrew Hughes
Happy New Year to one and all.

Best regards,
A very Happy and Healthy New Year to Strelets and all!
I'm working through my WW2 releases so a few thoughts.
Italian Desert Patrol is 10 out of 10 - beautifully sculpted with the map reading pair that could be used in other sets though I'm not generally a fan of basing 2 or more figures together.
Italian infantry in Defence, another very good set, 8 out of 10. Well why don't they have mortars and anti-tank guns? Perhaps we'll see an Italian mortar set - one for the wish list together with Colonials.
The Obice DA 75 Howitzer is the big disappointment, the crew figures are excellent but the gun has no shield! Looking at online images most of them have shields fitted so inexplicable to me. I'll probably get a few more anyway.
Australians in Attack? Well, maybe it's me but a few poses look awkward. Attacking infantry would surely be wearing steel helmets rather than slouch hats. I would have thought the officer would have a sub machine gun or rifle rather than the near useless service revolver.
The Heavy weapons set is overall very good. My first impressions of the AA Bren gunner was that's wearing a greatcoat! A closer look reveals that he's bare chested with shorts so poor detail, sadly a weak figure. Why no anti-tank rifles? One instead of 2 mortars would have been most welcome!
As for the PzB41 a/t gun it's a very nice little effort but why do 2 guns have no shields - shields seem to be a weak point for the designers! A quick look online shows that some have no wheels most if not all have shields fitted. Again the crew are excellent but why somebody throwing a grenade? The extra plastic could have been used for shields or accessories. I find liquid superglue makes for a better, stronger bond on the gun kits, though instructions are a welcome feature on the boxes.
As for wishlist I agree with the WW1 and 2 suggestions. My personal preference is for late war British Tommies with Heavy Weapons sets.
I haven't seen Mars British Infantry yet. I have some of their sets but overall I don't care for the Mars style and format - I'd much rather Strelets get round to them!
How about another PzB41 set with Russian Front crew and shields for all guns?
As for DAK how about a German machine gun teams set - this would be most welcome! I'm sure well all have a few surprises to look forward to........
Well I've much to do so once again stay safe and Carry on Collecting folks! I will budget and pensions permitting! All the very best from
Richard and Cecilly (the cat responsible for a ruined keyboard and producing gibberish by means of strange keyboard press combinations, as opposed to my usual gibberish) We have 5 cats and a dog adding to hazards of collecting, painting and modelling.

Re: Happy New Year to you

Happy new year to everyone. I'm sure Jerzy would agree with me that 2022 needs to be the year when Byzantium rises once again in the East.

Re: Happy New Year to you

Happy New New Year to Everyone! - GC

Re: Happy New Year to you

Happy New Year to the many veteran readers and especially, of course, to the hard-working Strelets crew. :four_leaf_clover:
Here‘s to a better 2022!

Once again, many thanks for your fruitful work and the pleasure you bring to the majority of your customers. :relaxed: :+1:

Re: Happy New Year to you

Bravissimo! Happy New Year to you guys too. :sunglasses:

Re: Happy New Year to you

Happy New Year everyone.

Lang may Yer lum reek!

And I hope You all get the sets that you dream about this year.