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Re: 2022 and all that...

Alan Buckingham
I had no intention of starting wish lists, but when in Rome, Generic artillery crews Allied and Axis ,all theatre's WW2 , but emphasis on Western Desert 41-43 , no shortage of German 105mm guns , but no crews for the desert, the same for 25 pounders. Gurkha's Mediterranean theatre, and this has me thinking about figures interacting ,for example in our old Airfix Robin hood set we have a pose with a staff held both hand above head, presumably fending off a blow, but in that set or the Sheriff of Nottingham set , only the guy swinging the axe could be an opponent, one sided and a predictable outcome , but my point , if we have a Gurkha striking with Kukri, surly with should have an axis soldier trying to fend off the blow, ditto thrusting bayonets etc. D-Day British/Canadians ignored, but three dedicated sets of GI`s, some levelling up needed on D-Day.
Or in other words....

1: Artillery crews for all combatants in the Western Desert/Mediterranean theatre, WW2.

2: Gurkhas 'in attack' (Mediterranean theatre)

3: British/Commonwealth forces for north-west Europe, 1944-45.

Not sure about the middle one of these, but I'll happily go along with Alan's musings on 1 and 3.

Happy New Year!

Re: 2022 and all that...

While we are dreaming;

Waterloo/late napoleonic

French dragoons/chasseurs in Habite veste
British Hussars advancing
Netherlands Carabineers
Brunswick artillery and line/light infantry
Prussian cavalry advancing
Prussian horse artillery and artillery train
A partridge in a pear tree

What I don’t want;

Short fat horses with no ears
Infantry flags in cavalry units
Missing bayonets
Fatigue caps
Highlanders of any pose
Marmite and sprouts sandwiches

Re: 2022 and all that...

Marmite and sprout sandwiches, love Marmite and don`t mind sprouts in moderation, my wife puts Marmite on our roast spuds, delicious, but I have to say your sandwich suggestion is a form of torture I had never imagined. :joy:

Re: 2022 and all that...

Marmite yes.....sprouts......yuk!

Marmite on roast potatoes sounds like something I need to try!!