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Re: Colonial New Zealand Wars?

Great idea, and as a Kiwi I’m all for it.Crimean figures can work in a very limited way - indeed American Civil War figures can too - again, depending on the phase of the land wars that you are talking about (also bearing in mind that a number of the wars - and they were various, they were fought in fairly dense bush meaning that British/Colonial troops had to adopt uniforms and tactics to the conditions). The wars themselves also extended for nearly 35 years. So lit/uniforms changed dramatically.

Having said that my personal passion is the Great War, and I will reiterate my repeated pleas for the Gallipoli/additional Turkish troops promised so long ago.

Happy New Year to all from a blisteringly hot (34c) and humid corner of Puhoi - about an hour north of Auckland.

Re: Colonial New Zealand Wars?

Oh yea, some Maori would be cool! A few more sets devoted to pre-1900 non-European cultures in general would be nice, I personally think something to go with the old Caesar and Revell sets of Aztecs would be good too (Aztec priests/civilians, Tlaxcala warriors, etc.).