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Re: Cats Computers and Collecting!

I hear you, Richard! I put away all hobby items and cover electronics. My cats will play soccer all night with my figurines. My spanial thinks my collection makes great chew toys. Simply their way of having their brand of fun to share our hobby and all else with us! Happiest of Holidays to you.
well, we have 5 cats and a dog, and the cats are going a bit barmy for Christmas - another one has just made a flying leap onto the table and sent everything crashing to the floor - I think it's the excitement of Christmas!!
My corner has a PC desk with shelving full of DVDs over it. I use it for modelling and painting as well. Problem is the old cat, Cecilly, likes the mouse mat as it's soft and warm, and she likes to sprawl over the keyboard, hence the incomprehensible gibberish as opposed to my usual gibberish!
The desk has a sliding shelf underneath, the problem is I use that for paints and half finished models. So, now I have to clear some shelf space and get some storage drawers to keep everything in. I'm currently using a food storage bag as temporary protection for the keyboard.
I'm working on that now!
Anyway, I'll soon be getting back to some sort of normal, and having a closer look at the new sets and posting accordingly..........
Enjoy the rest of the Festive Season.
I'll be awaiting developments with bated breath!