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New Linear-A Forum & SPQR Opinions

FYI for those that may have missed it, Linear-A's main website has opened up their own new forum. German is the main language, but English is also understood and appreciated from what I can tell (I am not directly affiliated with the company in any way).

Also was wondering what your opinions are about the Strelets Roman Senate sets (STR137 & 138). The PSR reviews are quite negative in my opinion and talk about the toga arrangement at length, but honestly I cannot tell the difference that much. Maybe I am just fashion challenged. :joy: :sweat_smile: What are your overall impressions of those two sets? I would not mind having a few senators from the proper Caesarian/Pompey SPQR days, even though this set is intended for 1st Century AD.

Happy holidays/Merry Christmas/etc. and happy collecting to all! :sunglasses:

Re: New Linear-A Forum & SPQR Opinions

Thank you for alerting us - I did not know. I am pleased to see progress with Roman artillery - the Ballista will be impressive once assembled. And I see there is a NEW surprise Imperial Roman set #061 - I hope for artillery crews for all the new artillery pieces.

I have STR138 and like it a lot, especially the variety of poses, and each figure has a "personality" - the sculpting of the robes really helps the paint wash settle well and make painted figures look superb.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Re: New Linear-A Forum & SPQR Opinions

Excellent news! Thank you and happy New Year! :sunglasses: