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Re: Klissow 1702 Contribution

Well done James, some figures I don`t recognise, are they all plastic ?

Re: Klissow 1702 Contribution

It turned out very nicely, James! Great game, good photos.

Re: Klissow 1702 Contribution

Thank you very much Mark, Alan and Valentin.

Alan, I am guessing that the figures that you don't recognise are the Mars Polish light cavalry, Polish artillery, Tartars, Saxon infantry (perhaps) and those amongst the Swedes?

I really like Mars' figures. They have plenty of character, can look a bit rough in the raw plastic, but paint really well and one finds more and more detail during the process—a sign of a good figure in my book. The Strelets Russian dragoons are a bit similar, in that they 'reveal' more and more as the paint goes on. That combination of fine figures with a great range of applications, like all of Strelets' Great Northern War range. I recently found that I 'needed' some more Saxon cavalry, so ordered a few more of the Russian dragoons. Made me realise just what a good value set they are too, with 22 figures, 18 mounted and 12 horses. 'Nick' a few of the horses from the Zvezda Swedish or Russian dragoons and you can mount them all!

Thank you Strelets for posting my contribution. I had not thought of it at the time, but the red of the Saxons and green of the felt cloth that I use fits with the colour theme of this time of year!

All the best to all visitors to this forum and to all at Strelets for tomorrow and beyond,


p.s. For any wargaming types interested.

The game used 'Twilight of the Sun King' rules at the 'brigade' level (figure scale around 1:200–300). Game area was only 1 m x 1 m at a ground scale of about 1:6 000.
It was my second test of these rules, which are highly stylised, but I like them a lot. Really good for solo play (although this game was not solo).
Most of these figures were at my good enough for the table stage. I am slowly finishing them off along with more that I have added in so as to try the battle again at one and a half and twice the ground scale (~1:4 500 and 1:3 000) using Polemos Great Northern War and GåPå respectively. I've not tried these Polemos rules (have used their Napoleonics, which play more like 18th C rules), but did use GåPå a few years ago and liked them a lot for a more detailed type of game.

Re: Klissow 1702 Contribution

Hi James

That's a canny looking game. I was wondering what you d used for the Polish horse, so need to look at Mars

I ve started at the other end doing the Danish Army. Next are the Swedes but going to use Strelets British in attack and French Pikemen.

An interesting and colourful period.

Merry Christmas to you all