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Re: Unique Prussian Cavalry

......if you have the time & skill Gerd.

Not everyone has.

Re: Unique Prussian Cavalry

Fantastic Gerd! A lovely mix of figures and poses producing an excellent result. It's wonderful how you changed nominally 'at ease figures' to active ones, adding in a few conversions too (I'm wracking my brain to recall which figures they are based on! :).

Inspirational stuff.

Regards, James

Re: Unique Prussian Cavalry

Great pictures Gerd, I have admired your work on many occasions.

Making it if you can't buy it is something I have always done in this hobby. It is usually easier and less time consuming if you can buy it though.

What sets of figures have you used to create these excellent Uhlans?

Re: Unique Prussian Cavalry

As James & Mark have said Gerd, some wonderful figures there. (Pictures didn't load up on my browser earlier for some reason, so couldn't see them).

However as I mentioned before & as Mark has hinted at, conversions are ok....if you have the time & skill. Not everyone has, or in fact wants to mess around with scalpels etc.
I don't mind doing some conversions, even making some regiments from scratch, but I don't want to keep doing it all the time. I enjoy painting the figures, not performing Frankenstein like operations all the time!

My main focus (which perhaps has gotten a little lost), in this thread was the 3rd Silesian Landwehr cavalry. I already pointed out that this was a hard regiment to convert properly. For a start we are not just talking putting czapka style heads on Prussian Uhlan they don't seem to have been wearing their coats. There is also the large plume & shako cords/braiding that would need recreating.
Fact is if it is ok to have a set recreating just 2 squadrons of the 7th Prussian Uhlans, why can't there be a set for the entire regiment of the 3rd Silesian Landwehr cavalry?

Having these sets offering a unique regiment, sometimes also having a unique look to them, offers someone a nice change to the run of the mill sets every now and then.

Re: Unique Prussian Cavalry

Hello Roger,

Yes, I already understand what you mean. If you want to recreate this special regiment of the Silesian Landwehr cavalry, then this is very expensive. Because in addition to the special chapka (it is a bit narrower at the top, so-called Polish cut), all the fishing lines must be shown. If you look at the ZVEZDA sets of the Polish lance riders or the Russian hussars, it becomes clear how many cords such a rider had on his uniform, with which various pieces of equipment were secured so that they were not lost during the gallop.

I used the STRELETS set of the Prussian uhlans as a basis for my uhlans, but cut the lances away and replaced them with thin pieces of brass wire. I also cast several dozen new heads out of resin and placed them on the figures with metal pegs. That was a lot of work ... and took a lot of time.

Basically it would be great if Strelets produced a set of the Silesian Landwehr Uhlanen. But over the years I've just realized that I don't want to wait any longer for this or that set to appear ... and instead I have created the means to be able to build (almost anything) what I would like by making modifications.

This also put an end to the wait for a good Prussian artillery unit for me. I just created it myself...