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Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Not sure I would call the Austrian Grenadiers in greatcoats sets "lovely"!! I thought they were some of the more poorer sets produced. Sculpting not up to the usual standard, detail not as crisp and some quite noticeable errors.

However I agree with you in terms of the regular Austrian line Infantry, be it with Helmets or Shakos, (Helmets 1st perhaps), in both summer & winter wear.

As for highlanders in greatcoats, somehow the idea of some rough & tough Scots in a greatcoat doesn't seem right!! For the European theatre I think any British soldiers in greatcoats would be unnecessary, as for the Peninsular War, I think the harsher winter months were a more quieter time, with Wellington famously retiring the army behind the lines of Torres Vedras during the winter of 1810-1811, leaving Marshal Massena with a land given the "scorched earth" treatment. Then the 100 days campaign was in warmer months anyway, although marching sets wearing a greatcoat might be useful for during the thunderstorm that occured.
A set of British/Highlanders "in camp" wearing their greatcoats however could be a good idea. Some poses sat around a campfire drinking tea, having some sort of soup/broth, some trying to get some sleep etc. Maybe include some cavalry settling down for the night, horses with tack removed & with blankets put over them, the troopers again perhaps around a fire or sleeping.

Greatcoat wearing highlanders for the war of 1812 maybe, but that conflict has a lot more sets it could use before delving into that scenario. The US army has had scant coverage as of yet, not to mention the various Canadian units that took part.

Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Roger, I nearly choked on my haggis, neeps and tatties when you said we would be drinking tea, as a proud Scot dont you know we have a wee dram with all our meals. We leave the tea for our English allies. I would also love a "In camp" box for the two sides.

merry Xmas to you and everyone else on the forum and hopefully a safer 2022.

I personally prefer Irish whisky than the stuff we produce, please keep that to yourself though I wont live it down with my family and friends.


Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Haha! Liked that Allan!
Well... I never said what was in the "tea"!!!

My favourite whiskey is Bushmills Irish whiskey.
Not being a fan of mulled wine, this time of year I add some Stone's Ginger Wine for a nice "warming" seasonal drink!
Don't mind Glenfiddich whisky either.

Yes I think some Napoleonic "in camp" sets would be something different and interesting, especially if include cavalry settling down for the evening. They could be dedicated to that subject entirely or be like Strelets 1st set & include various other activities like a surgeon with wounded scene.

Yes Merry Christmas to you too and of course everyone else on the forum & of course Strelets themselves.
And of course heres hoping for a healthy & safe 2022 & remainder of 2021 to everyone.

Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

I think Roger has said it James; rough-tough Highlanders might don a pair of cosy woollen 'trews' when it got a bit nippy around the ankles; but a greatcoat???

And isn't there that scene in the film 'Waterloo' where the 92nd Highlanders in bonnets and kilts are marching past Wellington and Gordon in the pouring rain, on the night of 17th June?

I'm not sure that Highlanders in greatcoats would sell that well. Amongst other things, those coats would cover the kilts, and then there would be no tartan to paint!!:upside_down_face:

Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Fellas, relax it was a joke about the Highlanders.

Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

James Fisher
Fellas, relax it was a joke about the Highlanders.
Phew, that's a relief, thanks James!!:wink:

I do like your idea of more Austrians (and other nations) in greatcoats though. In fact, for those Napoleonic campaigns from c. 1809 onwards, Austrian line infantry, Russian line infantry, Bavarians, French of course etc, all advancing and/or firing line, and in greatcoats. All very useful.

Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Obviously it missed the mark. You get that with comedy, especially the amateur kind!! :grimacing:

There are plenty of options for more of Strelets' lovely Napoleonic range, aren't there? I am sure that we'll see some fine sets in 2022, beginning with Russian jägers in greatcoats, it would seem!

All the best for the silly season and New Year to you Mark and to all who read this ,


Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Thanks James, Seasonal Good Wishes to you and yours too!:santa:

Re: Jägers in greatcoats had me thinking

Hi James,

I thought it was the Geordies that never wore a jacket, spent a drunken weekend in Newcastle where it was snowing and the ladies were looking fine in little black dresses and little else.
We Scots are a hardy bunch as we can get 4 seasons in one day (snow blizzards in June), where I stay.

It keeps it interesting shall we say

merry Xmas and I hope Santa is good to you