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Jagers in winter dress?

Hi Guys,

I have just noticed over on Bennos forum that we might be getting a winter set of Russian Jagers, check it out in case I have got it wrong. The picture is on the strelets News link.

looks like 2022 is going to be good, Bavarians and more Russians.

Hope everyone has a lovely Xmas and I hope everyone stays safe.


Re: Jagers in winter dress?

I think you're right Allan; a Jager hornist in his best winter coat no less. Interesting, as I thought Bennos reported news that appears here on this Forum first....still.

Even so, Russians for the 1812-15 late Napoleonic period in winter or summer dress very welcome. And especially if they are Line dragoons or horse artillery.

Re: Jagers in winter dress?

Dear Allan,

Thanks for reporting that. Top news indeed. More Napoleonic Russian infantry will be warmly received here—along with others.

It's amazing isn't it? No sooner has a release of 14 new sets from Strelets begun to arrive with retailers than we have evidence of more beauties in the pipeline—not to mention those already known about that did not make the cut this time. The challenges to capping my collection just continue...!

Regards, James

Re: Jagers in winter dress?

Re: Jagers in winter dress?

The sneaky devils. I had completely missed that one too!! :) Brill-ee-ant.