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Re: Future "In Square" sets

Right. And also Strelets made some nice Napoleonic General staff sets in the past, French, British/Austrian and Russian/Prussian, though the combined sets had only dismounted figures. I'd really like to see these as mounted sets as they did them for ACW.

Re: Future "In Square" sets

I also would like symmetry in the poses as it makes making firing lines easier when we are ordering boxes, I would also like a second flag bearer for British sets as they always had the two flags (Great to see the Russian jager with a bare pole as their is no way I could ever paint the flag well).

I am sure for those of us that always mess up trying make flag bearers from other figures it would be a great improvement especially for countries that carried two flags into battle. I know another company makes a command box but I would love a command box by the strelets sculptor so that it matches the figures he has sculpted.

We are always wanting more on this forum but it is only because we want to create the most accurate formations and by asking for more we are helping to create that "perfect" set. which should lead to better sales for Strelets.


Re: Future "In Square" sets

Spot on Allan!!