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Re: Thank You Strelets Webmaster - Russian Jager in Summer Dress

The poses are excellent for Jaeger. I am pleased with the way the masters look, especially while all troops wear the Kiver shako. The previous sets of shoulder and order arms really had too many fieldcaps. If I am to adopt them as musketeers(acquire additional sets to do so) I might use the bristles of the dishbrush and some superglue to add bayonets(good tip!).
Looking towards the new year, fighting poses with bayonet in greatcoats for all nations seems like a great idea for the further expansion of the range as well as fighting poses in regular uniform(including the rags of the Peninsular war). So much to wish for, so little time to spent practicing the hobby.

Re: Thank You Strelets Webmaster - Russian Jager in Summer Dress

As an afterthought; could calling this set jaeger in summer dress imply that a second set in winterdress is also on the cards? I would be jumping with joy.

Dear Thomas,

Let's not exaggerate small things:smirk:

Faithfully Yours,


Re: Dear Thomas,

Team Strelets,
You kill my savings!
Ok brilliant but you keep avoiding my question about Russian infantry in greatcoats marching.
I am not in a hurry but a glimpse early next year would be nice.
In the meantime, thank very much for these great figures.

Re: Dear Thomas,

Thank you Strelets. I an truly happy. There is something about Christmas......