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Re: byzantine psiloi

Sir, you are one of my inspirations. Excellent work.

Years ago, I read Robert Graves' Belisarius. I thought it a great tale but obviously exaggerated until I did some research. It was mostly accurate!
One of the tragedies of history is that even Belisarius couldn't put the Roman empire back together.

You are absolutely right Donald !

in fact, we are very fortunate about our knowledge of this period: contemporary writers are numerous, and above all remarkably informed. Thus Procopius, who describes so precisely for example the conquest of the vandal kingdom, was quite simply the private secretary of Belisarius!

and thank you for your kind words, I am also curious to see your Byzantines if you have already made some!

Re: byzantine psiloi

I am also curious to see your Byzantines if you have already made some!

Sorry, I've got Late Roman- Western empire.

TBH, these differ little from Late Roman -Eastern empire which, of course, morphed into Byzantines.

C4th & C5th is the time frame I want to cover.

However, you will be pleased to know I've just bought a unit of LR heavy mounted archers.
When I've painted them (they're next in the queue) I'll try them out brigaded with cataphracts to see how they perform in a miniature battle.