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Re: Pzb 41

Alan Buckingham
I have been looking at these figures on and off all evening, and cannot work out if they are actually interacting with the gun ? , some good poses with use outside of the purpose, but I remain puzzled.
I've just had a quick look at PzB41 images and a look at wikipedia which gives some interesting information.
Some of the crew certainly look as though they would be actually operating the gun.
Without pictures of the gun kit it's hard to decide - there seem to be a lot of crew for a very small anti-tank gun.
Nevertheless, they will be a welcome addition to my Axis forces.
We probably won't see them until next year now which is just as well since I'll have to get so many of the new releases when they finally appear!
Stay safe folks

Re: Pzb 41

Well I suppose the 2 kneeling poses would be at the gun & theres obviously the guy grabbing shells, plus the guy bringing what I assume to be a crate of more shells. The guy just standing there seems a bit odd, even if he was an officer he should be a bit more animated.
The figure that really seems a bit odd for a gun crew is the chap with the stick grenade. Not sure why you would expose yourself to chuck one those when you are with a perfectly useable AT gun!! But he still works as a generic grenade thrower.

Nice to see 4 guns in a box too!

Re: Pzb 41

I hope it comes with shields as the box art shows

Re: Pzb 41

Hello, image provided by strelets in July I think...