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Re: Box cover for 8th Army Australian Infantry in the opposition stand a chance?

In 1900 the French played Cricket at the Summer Olympics in Paris. Great Britain beat France by 158 runs! No other country took part. The ICC is preparing a bid for the sport's return to the Olympics at the 2028 Los Angeles Games. However, it willl probably be T20.

Re:do the opposition stand a chance? No.

Kim Crankshaw
As a Brit in Australia the first test hasn't exactly gone to plan!

Bit of an understatement.

On the fourth day of the Test, it's looking like Napoleon's retreat from Russia (wargaming reference).

Things can only get better for England.....


Re: Re:do the opposition stand a chance? No.

I retired to bed with a glimmer of optimism , a draw maybe if they could build on what they had, but woke to that familiar reality ,a batting collapse , hay ho, always next time.

Re: Re:do the opposition stand a chance? No.

The Australians make good use of the home ground advantage. There's a reason why the first test is always at The Gabba, drop the Englishmen into the most difficult environment right at the start and sap their energy for the rest of the series.

I heard that the W.A. test has been moved to Hobart, if it snows the England team might have a distinct advantage. :smile: