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Re: WW2 FFL Heavy weapons

yes you're true ..a detachment of FFL fought also in Ethiopia near Keren..not really succesful ..but, in any case and unfortunatly, you cannot use those minis cause in Ethiopia the FFL sported the French type pith colonial helmet not the képi. In Tchad, or better at the Lybian border with Tchad, the French carried out some timid raids against isolated Italian outposts but certainly not with FFL troops but instead with Méharistes Camel Troopers and hastly motorised Tirailleurs Sénégalais columns. I also think, but i'm not totally sure, that even the few Vichy Légionaires in Syria fought in pith helmet instead of képi..
those Légionaires are certainly more iconic and useful to battle at Bir Hakeim where they repulsed the Ariete Italian tanks (one of the worst errors of Rommel to try to stubbornly to wipe out this isolated absolutly secondary target ) and during one of the many El Alamein battles in which they were, even if in superior number and supported by carriers, tanks and planes sorties, soundly beaten by the defending Italian Folgore paratroops crack division cleverly positioned in depth. Finally some FFL detachmnents, wearing képis (but from picts also wearing a higher proprtion of battle dresses and jumpers instead of shirts and shorts) fought also in Tunisia.
By the way ..WW2 support teams are always very useful above all from less common units like those FFL..but they are some "minor" errors in this set.. like the radio operator with a képi provided with a neckcloth..never seen in WW2 and, in view of the pose, it'll be almost impossible to swap his head with somebody else..2 smgs per sprue..really too many ..and, finally, an officer wearing some trousers ending with anklets..the trousers are really tight ..sorry but the appearance of French officers in the desert was different..the trousers were invariably the fashionable arab wide type serouals not those ones..a pity that, with some rare exceptions, when i buy something out of the beaten path there are always some figures which cannot be used and, in that case, some key ones..