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Re: Russian Jagers

Roger W
There has been previews of certain poses now and then, but as yet at time of this post, no full exposure of what a box will contain.

I too look forward to seeing this set available. These troops have been badly missing for those that wish to do battles involving late war Russians.
Russian Jagers and Musketeers in the 'classic' late Napoleonic uniform, and in action, are badly needed. There is only the excellent (but limited pose-wise) Zvezda set, and the now very old and somewhat poor ex-ESCI set, to rely on in this scale.

I'm sure I'll be buying a few of these when they are released...subject to the poses not-yet-seen- here being OK (I'm sure they will be).

Re: Russian Jagers

Dear Allan,

I went on spec., given the lovely masters shown so far and the quality of Strelets' offerings, and have four boxes on the way (of about ten that I 'need').

I'll send you some photos, IF they arrive before photos get posted elsewhere!

All the best, James

Re: Russian Jagers

Thanks James,

I am hoping we will see something soon I normally go for single pose battalions except for firing lines, so my order is normally about 12 or 13 boxes of each Napoleonic set, i am trying to reduce the amount of spares i have left over and also make sure that I get enough to complete my divisions.

I also have bad memories of sets being unavailable or astronomical prices after first release.

hopefully we will see the sprues soon