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Re: Well Done Haron (& Strelets, Naturally)!

I also express my appreciation for their new sets, they shall keep their good work and expand the existing topics, e.g. the Crimean War or Medival- Byzantines !

Re: Well Done Haron (& Strelets, Naturally)!

Yes, yes, yes to Byzantines.

Re: Well Done Haron (& Strelets, Naturally)!

I really like the 4 pre 1812 Russian sets for the Napoleonic wars by RedBox which supplement the Strelets boxes of Russian infantry post 1812 perfectly. I just wonder if any other inroads will be made by them into the Napoleonic wars.

Re: Well Done Haron (& Strelets, Naturally)!

I agree Thomas, those early Russians are wonderful figures—I got heaps of them. They are such fun to paint.

Cavalry to go with them could be done (especially the hussars), perhaps? Another small, 'complete' series could be Revolutionary era French infantry (especially légère)? Or 1792–6 Kingdom of Sardinia or 1799–1800 Russians (mind you, I got hold of existing figures for Seven Years War to fill those latter two armies, with a bit of conversion with knife and paint).

There's pre-Bardin French infantry in full dress (1807–12), but I am sure that Strelets will have these in hand...

Regards James

Re: Well Done Haron (& Strelets, Naturally)!

yes, they are some nice figures and i would have purchased some, had they been released
in some shade of green plastic (preferably a light green). i do not paint figures any
longer, preferring instead to hand decorate a line of postcards that i've been working on
of late. and no, spray paint won't work. my plasticals go right into the dirt, as god, in
her infinite wisdom has decreed!