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Re: Maccabeans

I had a look in Duncan Head's book - obviously not much depth.
He wrote that there was "not a lot of contemporary evidence" about the appearance of Maccabean troops. There is some archaeological evidence and scant mention in literature.

They may have worn stripped tunics, fringed mantles & were lightly equipped, when not using captured Seleucid armaments. Head suggests lamellar armour may have been popular if not very common.

There are two short entries & four line drawings on the topic in n"Armies of the Macedonian & Punic Wars".

It is a tribute to their tenacity that the Successor armies did not just destroy the Maccabeans & they achieved independence for quite a long period.


Re: Maccabeans

and some others that i can't find no more on the net, even more particular, but in similar attire
but i have to agree, thik they are definitely fiction.
Maccabeans were probably equipped in hellenistic way.
Pity, the were fun!

Re: Maccabeans

Yes, you guys are correct in the sense that the historical (as well as archaeological) evidence for this is very, very scant. Direct pictorial evidence for this (as well as the later Herod's Revolt) is non-existent.

All do seem to be in general agreement that desert themed Hellenistic equipment would be quite appropriate, especially since most Hellenistic armies loved their versatile peltasts anyway.