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Re: Aussie heavy weapons,

Spanish Erik
Amen to that
Good looking Aussie Heavy Weapons.
I'm not sure about the AA Bren gunner wearing an overcoat though.
I see men with mortar shells but no mortars!
I wonder why?
Stay safe folks
I agree Richard. The AA Bren-gunner in overcoat just doesn't seem to fit well with the rest of this set...and anyway, four of these in one set is too many really.

The other poses and dress look fine, although I also am wondering where the heavy weapons themselves have got to here??

Re: Aussie heavy weapons,

Yes, indeed, the greatcoat is all right for freezing desert nights but it won't keep out machine gun bullets and shrapnel when Tobruk is being being bombed!
I don't recall seeing machine guns either, just the loaders.
So, where are the Heavy Weapons?
Oh well perhaps I can work round the omissions but we shouldn't have to.
Stay safe