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Re: The Strelets Christmas list

Where did you get the helmets from? Waterloo 1815 Ironsides?

Thanks James. These Bavarian Cuirassiers (Regiment of Costa) became a bit of a 'labour of love' earlier in the year: I started them about 2 months before Strelets previewed their glorious Austrian Cuirassier set...and having started I had to finish them. It took a while though.

Flambeau: The heads are by Tumbling Dice (1/72 metal ECW Cavalry Heads set...most are 'lobster pots' or burgonet-style, circa 1640 vintage, but capable of becoming early 18th century 'zischarge' style; but the fiddly bit is adding the nose guard!! The horses and cavalrymen bodies are mainly Zvezda GNW Swedish cavalry (plus some Italeri 1806 Prussian cuirassier horses with added pistol holsters). The Zvezda figures need a little carving to form the impression of body armour, and Milliput (or green stuff) full coats as the Zvezda Swedes have turned-back coats. Fitting metal heads to plastic bodies requires an internal wire spigot (drilled into the figure's neck, and careful application of 5 minute epoxy. All in all a case of 1/72 surgery.

Buying boxes of the Strelets Austrian Cuirassiers when they come out will be a whole lot easier!!

Re: The Strelets Christmas list

Wow, those are fabulous conversions Mark.

Great. We have a back-up plan in the unlikely eventuality that 257 Austrian Cuirassiers is not forthcoming; you go into commercial production and take orders!! :grinning:

An amazing part of the early 18th century armies to me is the near equality of foot and horse (sometimes more of the latter), so we 'need' both. I'm not certain whether 260 Austrian Infantry on the March is in the release. It was not in the list from my supplier, but is on Hannants, so I chucked a few on the order, for justin'.

If not, better save up big time for the next release with likely Austrian and Dutch cuirassiers, Austrian and Imperial (nominally Bavarian) infantry, not to mention the German field kitchen and, of course, more Russian Napoleonic infantry that I just know Strelets will be producing! [Plus, goodness knows what other beauties they have planned...]

Oh dear, I am intending to be slowing down the collecting...

Re: The Strelets Christmas list

Fabulous work indeed on those cuirassiers! But there's an easier way to go commercial with these: Look for someone with a 3D Printer, copy, paste, voila, you're in business! :relaxed: