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Re: Sorry, Alan, you're wrong.

How nice it is to see two learned gentleman noting the Aussie/Pommie nexus and the successful tactics used in war which permeate through our societies approach to sports and extra curricular activities. The only thing missing is a cup of tea. Well done gentlemen and well done Strelets. Another fine addition to my ever expanding North African collection. Many years ago I decided not to invest in the two world wars as my collection of Ancients was ever growing and wanted to concentrate on that era . I made one allowance. Any campaign Aussies were involved in. Well guess what happened? I'm not complaining and it looks like my collection will continue to expand. The only thing which has stopped me expanding into other post WWII conflicts is no Aussies produced for these police actions and wars. Oh dear have I set myself up again.

To all you friends of and Strelets have a wonderful and safe Christmas and look forward to next year.

Re: Sorry, Alan, you're wrong.

Alan Buckingham
I stand corrected :innocent: Ashes Should always be played in England with the duke ball and Mr Anderson should never get any older, it all to often goes pear shaped down under.
Alan, thank you for your gracious reply to my no doubt awkward colonial sally.

It should prove to be an entertaining contest & I wish your lads the best of luck.


Re: Sorry, Alan, you're wrong.

Afrika Kors in attack, in defense?....maybe? when?

Re: Sorry, Alan, you're wrong.

What do you expect He's an Aussie he needs a real Sub-machine gun an Owen not a bogan weapon