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Re: Next releases

Hi Strelets,

I asked you last month about the box contents for the Russian jagers that are due to be released soon. I am only asking again as I intend to buy large amounts of all the Napoleonic sets, so any pictures of the sprue would be greatly appreciated as it would allow me to order enough of each set. I cant find anything on the product page for this set.

thanks in advance

Re: Next releases

I have just received a list from my friendly supplier who is based in Adelaide (ex his wholesaler in the UK).

On it are 14 new sets (six Strelets-Mini and eight Strelets-R), plus two re-stocks. I dunno if this has yet been made availalbe and it is not my place to steal Strelets' thunder.

'Fortunately' for me only three on the list are amongst those that I am/will be chasing (albeit with multiples of one), so I get a bit longer to save!!

Regards, James