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Re: Highlander Range (Napoleonic) + latest box art...?!

A shame that so much time has been lavished on three battalions of highlanders, with so little given to eight battalions of Brunswickers

Re: Highlander Range (Napoleonic) + latest box art...?!

Fair point.

I like & will be buying the highlander firing & "in square" sets, albeit they have their problems. But they are still an improvment on the very poor British Firing line set.

That said, if there were also sets of regular British infantry & Brunswickers in square, they would be much more of a priority to me.
Maybe even a set of Kruse's Nassauers in square too.

Re: Highlander Range (Napoleonic) + latest box art...?!

Im sorry but i thought there was 4 kilted battalions at waterloo?? Or am i wrong?

Re: Highlander Range (Napoleonic) + latest box art...?!

I believe Wellington had 4 kilted battalions under his command but the Perthshire Buffs were kept back in reserve to cover a possible retreat and so were not present at Waterloo.

Re: Highlander Range (Napoleonic) + latest box art...?!

There was 3 battalions at Waterloo. The 42nd Royal Highland/"Black Watch", the 79th "Cameron" highlanders & the 92nd "Gordon" Highlanders.

The 78th "Ross-shire Buffs" were on garrison duty at Nieuport. So therefore were not involved in any of the fighting at Quatre Bras or Waterloo.

These were the only regiments to retain proper highland dress (kilts, feather bonnets etc). Other "highland" regiments by this time, had the same uniform as the rest of the line regiments.