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Re: Things are heating up in the desert

the Waterloo 1815 Italian Support Group has Brixia mortars, flamethrowers, radio operators, cyclists, motor bikes and more useful items.
I'm currently sorting out old figures and sets, even binning a few redundant items!
I'll soon be torn between eating, heating, paying the bills and collecting!
Sometimes it's hard to motivate myself, and I wonder what will become of my vast collection (and growing) collection when I'm gone!
Back to the present and so much to do, so little time.......
Stay safe folks

Re: Things are heating up in the desert

Stay positive Richard! I'm sure you still have a good few years yet, and time enough to enjoy your collection of figures. It is, I am sure, a very fine and extensive one.

And, should you ever wish to part with parts of it, then I'm sure your friends here on this Forum will help find parts of it a good home.:slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Things are heating up in the desert

it's odd that you should say these things!
It so happens that I've just found I can have a long overdue operation for a total new replacement in about a years time.
Question is can I afford to live to a ripe old age? And keep doing the things I love?
Again, re old figures, well I've no idea, or desire to get involved with ebay selling.
However, if anybody wants figures I can no longer use, they're welcome to them for the cost of postage.
Right now, they're broken/damaged/rough painted Airfix type 1 figures, poses I can't use 8th Army and Afrika Korps. So, if anyone wants them for casualties, conversions whatever they're welcome to them. But I'll gradually be working through many others.
For example some plastic "Hong Kong" type figures, some sort of WW2 British Infantry.
To be honest, we have no children or anyone to leave anything to, so the wife and I decided long ago to leave everything in our will to be sold and the proceeds will go to the local church and charities.
Best regards to all

Re: Things are heating up in the desert

Every has said what needs to be said especially about heavy weapons and colonial troops. Again, as people have said, helluva lot of SMGs,already too many in the Waterloo 1815 sets. I thought this about the Indian infantry. More rifles please.

Thompson's curse strikes again

What beautifully sculpted and posed figures! But what a disappointment too, finding this long hoped for set suffers from the same 'curse' as almost every other WWII range of figures; if I can't find a way to convert those useless submachine gunners into something else, I'll end up throwing a third or more of the box away:disappointed: