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Re: Civil war troops

Some very nice work with a great mix of figures in there! Really enjoyed looking through all the pictures!

I can see what some are saying about them maybe being a little too "bright" perhaps, but I guess it depends what you are going for & personal preference. A "weathered" look is certainly realistic, I too use washes for my figures & models most of the time. But I also like the colourful nature of these figures too.

Theres also the case of whether someone is confident in using washes. If someone is interested in the method but a little unsure how to proceed, I always say pick a few figures you are not that worried about at the start of a project, paint them up to a reasonable standard, (no need for anything drastic when its just a test), then do a trial run. That way you haven't ruined your hard work.

As to the flags, yes some do indeed seem way too big for the scale of the figures. Just something to bare in mind.

Re: Civil war troops

Very pleased to see these as I've been gifted some old ones that I am rushing to give a make over to ahead of Friday night's game. They've been languishing in boxes for about ten year and the paint had flaked badly on many, and some of the guns are useless, being those ridiculously tiny pieces produced by Imex way back in 1993. There is definitely a need for a really good ACW artillery set to be made!