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Re: Seven Years War

Colin D.
Thanks for your responses. It seems to me that Strelets the dismounted French Dragoons would come closest, as PSR mentions their uniform lasted until 1750 or so. .

Colin, are you aware of Kronoskaf?

This on-line bible for the SYW shows SYW French dragoons as having turnbacks so I'd disagree about using the Strelets' WSS dragoons.

The SYW French could be quite archaic in appearance - see my Wodensfield SYW French infantry in the link I gave in my first post.But even these coats, with no turnbacks, are shorter, less voluminous & with smaller cuffs than for the WSS.

Up to you, of course.


Re: Seven Years War

Good point. It seems like trying to use WSS figures for the 7YW is like trying to use WW1 troops for WW2. In some cases you can make it work, but most of the time not.