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Re: Box art for 'Highlanders Firing Line'

Roger W
Yes Mark the muskets do still look short but Strelets should be aware of the problem by now & hopefully correct for future sets.

A couple of boxes will be finding their way to relieving my Airfix highlanders from their duties!
Ah, but those Airfix Highlanders....For all their faults, an iconic set, and one of the reasons I am still in this hobby!

I still recall a 'wargame' with a friend around 1972/73 with a couple of boxes of Airfix Highlanders 'in square' and unpainted (can you imagine painting tartan in Humbrol Gloss paint??) repelling a couple of boxes of Airfix Cuirassiers (also unpainted, maybe not even glued to the bases!). No rules, no paint, no sophisticated websites with uniform information etc...just a couple of kids and lots of imagination.

Re: Box art for 'Highlanders Firing Line'

[No rules, no paint, no sophisticated websites with uniform information etc...just a couple of kids and lots of imagination.
Those were the days.:smile:

Don't look too closely at the Jean Shrimpton kilts and the falling down drunk standard bearer, and I think the Airfix Highlanders can still give some of the other sets out there a guid scelping. And they were the very beginning of 1/72 plastic Napoleonics. But perhaps they have earned an honourable retirement. I do paint tartan with Humbrol paint, but matt, definitely not gloss.

Re. The box art, for those seeking accuracy. The tartan looks fine for the Government sett of the Black Watch and the Royal Blue facings are also right, but the flag does belong to the Gordons. The pom pom things are the worsted tufts of the battalion Companies (perhaps a shade too round and pom pom-ish) but yes, I believe drummers should have shoulder wings instead. Also, if he and the others are from a battalion company of the 42nd then they should have red hackles rather than the red over white Grenadier Company hackles shown here. If they are Grenadiers then they should have shoulder wings rather than worsted tufts.

While on the subject, I note that these new Strelets Highlanders do have battalion company tufts. That's a good thing because, apart from the Airfix originals, all of the other companies' sets are full of flank company figs.

Re: Box art for 'Highlanders Firing Line'

Yes, and kudos for a set of LINE troops finally. As to the colors, my first impression was the Yellow flag was with a separate formation so might HAVE been representative of the Gordon's next in line to the Black Watch. Zooming in I saw the cuffs of the other formation were also blue so a "boo-boo." Rule of thumb, facings and cuffs match the colors there are exceptions but when in doubt...

Still, a welcome addition of actual line troops I won't have to do a little cutting on to satisfy my uniform OCD. :wink: