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Re: christmas b...'planes, trains and...shipping

Hi James,

I will confess that I will purchase many more highlanders you can never know when you might need them. Hopefully their will be more than the two highlander sets for us in favor of the Napoleonic stuff. perhaps some sneaky Russian jagers hiding in the bushes.

Hopefully Strelets will spoil us in 2022 with guns and limbers for all our armies as well as some allied cavalry.



Re: christmas b...'planes, trains and...shipping

Roger W
Well said Sansovino & Allan.
Lets keep it civil.

Fact is the EU is a divisive topic both sides of the English channel, & so will only cause argument on this forum.

All I would say is I would refrain from taking issue with a nation as a whole on this subject.
The fact is there are many people in France that are just as pro or anti EU as here in Britain. Same goes for all over Europe.
I have met Belgians & Germans who are anti-EU. Yet I have met British who are pro-EU!!!

So lets leave the political aspects out of the thread.
Lets not take offence at an entire nation for the actions & posturing that comes out of our leaders, be it Johnson, Macron or whoever.

I personally have enough of a headache thinking about potentially needing to paint more tartan!!!
Still believe the old car sticker I saw many years ago.
Politics is like jam making - all the scum rises to the top. I think it applies to most nations.

Lets hope people get their models they want for Christmas not matter what side of the channel they live on.

Good luck with painting your tartan.

Re: christmas b

Just the other day I was thinking that we were all getting along so well on this forum, offering tips to each other, referring to references and historic facts and all of a sudden we are getting into politics! The world is a bit of a mess at the moment with Covid, Climate issues, Wars and shortages and delivery issues but we have shown that this site can be a positive friendly place where we chat about our plastic friends. Let's keep it civil and just about the figures.

Our good friends at Strelets have been keeping us happy with a constant supply of great subject matter. So Please don't let us argue about Politics ... let us focus on the figures and wonderful new miniatures yet to come. Possibly some Vichy troops to go with the desert themes of recent ?

Re: christmas b

C'est très amusants de lire tous ces commentaires.

En Grande-Bretagne, il y a des soucis dans le transport, la distribution les approvisionnements, mais ce n'est pas de la faute du gouvernement, c'est de la faute des Français et des Européens qui veulent faire capoter le BREXIT.

En France, nous avons des problèmes structurels. Mais ce n'est pas la faute du gouvernement, c'est de la faute du COVID 19 et des Chinois, qui minent notre travail.

En Algérie, ils ont une situation économique délabrée. Mais ce n'est pas de la faute du gouvernement, c'est de la faute des Marocains et du colonialisme français.

Aux Etats-Unis, les coupables ce sont les Russes et les Chinois s'ils ont eus des milliers de morts. . . . ..

Je suis Français. Et je me sens de moins en moins concernés par tous ces arguments débités par les journaux pour excuser les mauvaises décisions prises par nos gouvernants, (en aurai-je pris des meilleures??? Sûrement pas!). Mais au moins soyons lucides, n'accusons pas d'autres nations de nos propres maux.

Français, Anglais, Ecossais, Allemands, Italiens, Espagnols, Hollandais, Belges, Russes, Polonais, Ukrainiens, . . . . . . . . .et toutes les nations que je ne peux citer ici (ce serait trop long), nous n'existons tel que nous sommes, que grâce aux autres. Et même si je préfère certaines nations par apport aux autres (bêtement) je vous aime tous. :kissing_heart:

Re: christmas b

And this for those allergic to foreign languages. Even if the translation doesn't fully reflect my positive thinking

It's a lot of fun to read all these reviews.

In Britain, there are problems in transport, distribution and supplies, but it is not the government's fault, it is the fault of the French and Europeans who want to derail BREXIT.

In France, we have structural problems. But it's not the government's fault, it's the fault of COVID-19 and the Chinese, who are undermining our work.

In Algeria, they have a dilapidated economic situation. But it's not the government's fault, it's the fault of Moroccans and French colonialism.

In the United States, the culprits are the Russians and the Chinese if they have had thousands of deaths. . . .

I am French. And I feel less and less concerned by all these arguments made by the newspapers to excuse the bad decisions taken by our rulers, (will I have taken better ones??? Surely not!). But at least let us be clear-sighted, let us not accuse other nations of our own ills.

English, Dutch, English, Italian, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, . . And all the nations that I cannot mention here (that would be too long), we exist as we are, only thanks to others. And even if I prefer some nations by contribution to others (stupidly) I love you all. :kissing_heart:

Re: christmas b

Not the the place for politics lets talk about the best way to paint kilts for 1/72 scale.

Re: christmas b

Good idea Steve!! And nicely put Zouave!!

Unfortunately depending on the regiment, the tartan was different patterns!!

I try and do a base green, followed by a sort of dark blue for various deep blue patches that appear in the pattern, followed by whatever lines occur in whatever colour. Its a nightmare!!

The easiest pattern to do I have found is the government standard pattern for the 42nd. The hardest is definitely the 79th!!
Thankfully there were only 3 kilted highland regiments at Waterloo!

When it comes to infantry, I just look forward to "in square" sets of British & Brunswickers to get away from all this tartan!!
Not to mention French advancing up the hill or attacking the farms!!
Then of course we need more of the Prussians fighting hard around Plancenoit!
Thus no tartan is required!!!

Alas, however, I will have at least 2 boxes of highland firing line & 1 in square set on a shopping list soon!! Time to retire the Airfix highlanders I have mixed in here and there!!

Re: christmas b

would give me nightmares the kilts am lucky with the great war scots as they wear kilt only have to do back but if lazy london scottish hodden grey is the best bet

Re: christmas b

I find Citadel's Contrast paints give me the illusion of a kilt pattern from a distance. Application of one coat on top of white primer is all I need. All done and dusted quickly

Re: christmas b

Reminds me of the apprentice on the building site who was sent to buy some striped paint

Re: christmas b

I'm just wondering which sets will make up the expected 13?
... a surprise might be nice, say.... something for the Gallipoli campaign?

Re: christmas b

Oh dear. I agree, we should cease skating on thin ice. I will just explain that I had no wish to prolong matters; I only mentioned the B-thing just to pick up on someone else's post, and move, or try to move, the topic onto delay/impatience an eventual wish fulfilment in this glorious hobby!

But things do tend to get a bit out of hand. I particularly loved the guy (who gets my Vicar of Bray of the week award, BTW) who then made a long post about the B-thing, then congratulated a couple of others for saying we shouldn't post about politics/the B-thing, and then went on to post, at least twice, about the B-thing! Bravo on a masterly use of bandwidth there!

All of which merely goes to show that that these are deep waters, and it is as well not to speculate over who may fish in them! What I would add, however, is I don't think anyone has actually fallen out in this topic. Yes, a frisson of danger has been sensed as we approached a dangerous corner at unwonted speed, but it all remained civilised, and the car stayed on the road. Go us!

So, back to topic, Christmas, New Year, or Spring, with hobby releases I am content to await them whenever they come, and I think that Strelets has already given us an awful lot in a little time. I remain impressed by the speed and volume of their releases. A huge boost to the hobby by a single manufacturer, for which I think we are all grateful.

Re: christmas b

""But things do tend to get a bit out of hand. I particularly loved the guy (who gets my Vicar of Bray of the week award, BTW) who then made a long post about the B-thing, then congratulated a couple of others for saying we shouldn't post about politics/the B-thing, and then went on to post, at least twice, about the B-thing! Bravo on a masterly use of bandwidth there!""

Hi Edwardian.
Not sure who you are refering to, but for my part, I too did not want to "fan the flames". So I never once said if I was pro or anti "B-thing".
My post after yours merely tried to move the topic along, from the focus of being about said "b-thing", to it being a supply disruption which was a global issue, even citing climate trouble within a certain sector & of course covid still affecting us. We are living in strange times these days.

I did congratulate people on trying to take the heat out of the situation. I finished with making a point saying there were those that were pro or anti in many nations in Europe, so thus perhaps then not a good idea to single out an entire nation as a whole....say.....France for example, & thus not attract the ire of others, causing tempers to flare. That was my only reason for mentioning the topic again.

I was trying to diffuse things, using a calm, neutral & balanced approach to the discussion. Being diplomatic is far better than to have an itchy trigger finger is it not?!! If it came across as someone trying to be a "Vicar of Bray" character, that was not the intention. I certainly had no position that I was desperately hanging on to, unlike the character in that story!!!!

By the way, with what has happened in this thread, it may be better to not mention "waters" & "fish"!!!!! 😉😂😂

Re: christmas b

Fair enough. I wasn't trying to be for or against either, and, like you, was trying to move things along and away. We, and I think here of the UK and Europe, face a lot of challenges, some unforeseen, such as the as the pandemic. Changes such as the B-thing can add a layer of complexity and difficulty, though occasionally they can streamline a solution. But these issues have so many moving parts, it's ultimately hard to judge effect and almost impossible to construct a sensible counter-factual scenario for comparison. What am I saying? Well, apart from supporting the consensus that no good can come of debating such inappropriate matters, I doubt any reliable conclusions can be reached about the effect of something one may, or may not, support!