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Re: Battle of Antietam contribution

Ah, 'tis not a diorama, but a dioramic wargame.

Bloody sensational as always Chris.

Regards, James

Re: Battle of Antietam contribution

Hello Chris,

your scenes of the "Bloodiest day battle" are wonderful.

Wonderful painted figures, great terrain and historic correct buildings and details...

This is, why i like your work so much.

Really fantastic

Re: Battle of Antietam contribution

Hi Chris,
admittedly not really my main area of interest at all, but indeed an excellent composition of wonderfully painted and authentically posed figures as well as great scenery.
A real pleasure to look at! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Battle of Antietam contribution

What a beautiful diorama. What a piece of work. A huge and well done diorama!

Re: Battle of Antietam contribution

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments on my ‘setting the scene’ pictures for my Antietam re fight.

Stretlets have produced a volume of figures for this period, some fantastic and some not so good, but all most useful.

Without them I would have been struggling and they were instrumental in my Lee and Longstreet conversions.

More at

Best wishes,