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Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear Giovanni,

our general intention is to eventually manufacture sets for all Napoleonic fractions in their major march-attack-shooting stages.
When you count them all, you will realise, that it can't be done within a year or two, hence certain patience is required to see them all done.

Best regards,


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Hi Strelets.

That sounds fantastic for us Napoleonic war fans!!

Do these plans also include states such as Brunswick, Nassau, Holland/Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Baden, Westphalia, Saxony etc?

Kind regards


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Forgot to add Hanoverians!! 😁 especially the green tunic field battalions & the stovepipe shako/cap wearing landwehr!!

Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear Strelets Admin.

This are really good news for us, numerous Napoleonic wargames enthusiast.

Thanks a lot.