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Re: Pictures of new Linear A ancient figures

These are indeed no real news, but figures that have long been known and are available for some time now.
Regarding the curved sarrisas, well this problem is as old as the production of plastic figures itself. So far, no plastic manufacturer has been able to offer the perfect solution for this.
As so often before, we are once again left with the well-known methods of straightening or replacing them. :sweat_smile:

To be honest, I am slightly shocked by such extreme prices in the UK. On the continent one can buy Linear-A and other brands directly from the manufacturer or various online retailers for less than 10,- Euros per Linear-A set. :confused:
Re: Price of these figures in the UK: Yes, I am a bit shocked as well. I always hestitate to pay more than, say, £10GBP for a set of 1/72 figures, and it has to be something good for this price eg: one of the classic sets of Zvezda artillery. So £13+ GBP for 24 phalangites where I will have to remove and replace the sarissae?? Not a good deal in my book. At this price metal is almost cheaper.

Re: Pictures of new Linear A ancient figures

Some days ago I have received all three new phalanx sets and the light infantry set. There are really wonderful scupted figures with impressive details. Theirs only minus are much flash around them and unfortunatly directly on some faces too. Theirs plastic is also very problematic which allows only a warm cutting of the flash lines. Nevertheless there are adorable figures.