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Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

I forgot to mention the pose which seems to think he is featuring in the film "Platoon"!!
So if a French lancer has left his primary weapon thrust into this unfortunate chap, wheres the rest of it?!! They were not so brittle that you could just easily snap it like a twig, otherwise it would of been useless as a weapon.

It ends up looking more like a short spear. Did Napoleon have some Zulu warriors that he kept secret??!!

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

:grinning: I missed the obvious Platoon reference but now that you mention it…

On a more serious note, does any have thoughts on the applicability of these poses for the Mutiny or other Indian campaigns during Victoria’s early reign.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

When I seen that pose Norgri, the famous poster/cover from "Platoon" just popped in my head!!!😂

As to the Indian Mutiny, I think the uniform was different by that time.
For the 1857-59 uprising, the feather bonnet was more like that of the Crimean highlanders....a much larger & fuller affair.
The tunic was still red but with a single row of buttons down the centre, with white piping along the centre edge, like the tunic worn in the Zulu wars. I have however seen paintings with the older type tunic like that of Crimea, so both types may of been present, maybe depending on regiment perhaps?
They did indeed have kilts still, possibly with sporrans.
I have also seen them dressed this way but instead of the feather bonnet they had a cap with neck protection like that of the FFL.

So you might get away with these figures, but headswaps would be needed plus maybe considering the tunic type you would want to go for.
For those that still had the horizontal button & braiding arrangment, I would possibly go for the Crimean highlanders instead and headswap some of them for FFL type caps. Or for the Zulu war era type tunics with a single centre row of buttons, get Victorian era highlanders & headswap them instead.

But if there are poses here that you have your heart set on, it is definitely headwear you need to take a look at.

Hope that helps.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

Yes, they are kind of ok-ish, but neither the best nor the worst set of Highlanders ever made. For me the best sculpts are the Waterloo 1815 set and the old Esci British infantry (though far too few poses). Actually they are not much better than the old Italeri Highlanders (I don't like the new one), though the silver plastic was awful, but the poses were pretty good. The Waterlo 1815 set seems to be out of production sadly.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

Hi Flambeau.
I know what you mean about the Italeri sets.

The Waterloo 1815 set is still in production as far as I know, their sets just seem to take a little while to get restocked.

Hannants has plenty if you want some.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

Tis greet mun.
I actually like all of the poses; especially as many have not been done before.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

I like this set some strange poses but its better than turning out the same old poses in every box all the time.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

I believe with the other sets available and planned by Strelets these will be a welcome addition alongside other companies' output which makes the unusual poses valuable because of their "oddness." It's that one odd pose that often brings a scene to life.

Combined with aforementioned sets these will be great. Thanks for thinking out of the box.

Re: Ach, I didnae budget for this

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy poses that are different to the normal too. But they still need to be suitable for the subject in the box. Instead of those poses in the middle of the 2nd row, 2 more kneeling poses would of been better. So that would of made 6x kneeling & 6x standing for the main troop figures. Thus allowing equal numbers of kneeling & standing to be set up. Its also useful as if buying multiple boxes, you always get an equal amount, allowing a customer to make a square to the size & depth they wish. Such a set would of been a great stand-alone box, with a customer only needing to buy boxes of the Strelets set to make a excellent square.

Instead, we have some poses chucked in here that just do not fit in to what a infantry square would be doing during an attack. Very few (if any), would of been engaging in such over dramatic & random bayonet attacks from behind the kneeling ranks. In heroic paintings & Hollywood maybe, but not real life! They would of found it hard to reach a cavalryman like that, especially this lot with their short muskets!!! Just looks silly.

So if a customer wants to concentrate on building a square, poses from other sets will be needed, especially for kneeling poses.
This means that this set, just like the recent cavalry with their poor horses, needs extra expenditure to make it work.

The regular British infantry in square & the Brunswickers in square are what I really hope to see, but I would hope for more thought put in to the design of the set, with a little less emphasis on overly dramatic poses. Strelets recent infantry sets at the moment have poses taking up space that are a little too much like some of the old Esci sets, with their rather random, dramatic & sometimes contortionist type poses.
The odd couple in a box (and I really mean just 2 individual figures), is ok & provides something different, but not multiples of such a pose. It detracts from the sets purpose & wastes space for better more suitable poses.