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Mars Rangers

I purchased three mars sets a week or so ago, from Model hobbies, all good, But the US Rangers set had some loose figures that had come off the sprue, only today I realize that the chap with the Thompson is missing from all the sprues and a random figure has been put in the box to replace it ! ..not good enough Mars, this post is in the hope Mars will read it, as there is no contact details on the box.

Re: Mars Rangers

The Man from Mars visits the Bennos Forum from time to time, and I see that you have raised this issue there, Alan. I hope you are able to get a sensible response.

I have learned from experience that Mars sets are sometimes a little suspect, and so I tend to wait until PSR have reviewed them before parting with cash. The US D-Day machine gunners do look as if they may be worth buying though, although I will still wait a few weeks before placing an order.

Re: Mars Rangers

This is a pity, since I have already bought two boxes of them, I couldn't wait getting them in my hands. I have to confess that I am open to forgiveness though, only if their quality is as good as the one shown in the U.S. paras set. I'll let you know as soon as I grab them, let's hope Alan's case has been a singular one.
I am also hoping for British paras for D-Day and Arnhem :), the Rangers were a surprise.



Re: Mars Rangers

Thanks, seeing as Mars are not the easiest to contact I am leaving a note everywhere I can think of ,as yet no replies.

Re: Mars Rangers

Always annoying when something like that happens.
Have had that happen to me in the past.
Mars is a company I have not really bothered with before.
However, as Mark says, the US machine gunners look really good & show that Mars has slowly improved in the quality of the figures.
Of course this will be irrelevant if the contents is not what it should be.

Aside from this mistake though, if this increase in quality continues, I hope they delve into more Napoleonics to add some much needed competition.
Their own take on some British line infantry rather than the remould of a small few of the old Revell set for example.

Re: Mars Rangers

I'll chime in here as well as Benno's.
Something tells me there was an issue with the mold. I purchased a set from Toy Soldier HQ as well as early on from a dealer in the Ukraine. And each set had only one sprue that contained the Thompson guy (and he had a LOT of flash near where he was attached to the sprue. It appears that there were only enough complete sprues to add one to the box and the rest were cut off with other random figs added to keep with the "piece count". Toy Soldier HQ said all the sets they ordered also only contained a maximum of one complete sprue. It sounds like, if you received no Thompson figs, that maybe the mold gave out before there was any more complete sprues for later boxes. Just a guess unless MARS chimes in.

Re: Mars Rangers

Arlin , thank you, that sounds about right, how very disappointing all round.