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Re: the Antipodean climate

Still Kambarang here Donald. You'll be entering your mixed-up, sub-tropical version of the 'wet', yeah?

Nevertheless, far warmer and getting closer to my preferred operating temperature of 30–35ºC. For me painting is much better in the warm to hot weather (save for really hot nights, esp. when the moths and smaller insects obscure the subject!).

Either way, I too would love to see the Russians in greatcoats, CPN.

A double-release with those jägers that we got the smallest peak at a little while ago? Or a triple with greatcoats and summer dress in action. Or a quadruple with re-worked Russian uhlans. Or a quintuple with Austrian hussars. Or.... (greedy, greedy little b@stard!).

Regards, James

Re: the Antipodean climate

The Queensland answer to Shakespeare's "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" is hot, sweaty & fly-infested.

I have reasonable-sized Napoleonic Russian forces but as my ambition is to game Borodino (or at least a big chunk of it), your wish list meets my full approval too.


Re: the Antipodean climate

I too would like to have a few more Russian sets to bulk up my Russian armies.
And A few austrians would be nice they just seem to to go hand & hand.

Re: winter time

Also wondering what happened to M116 ww2 japanese in winter dress....long ago announced.
Any update Strelets?
Thank you