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Friday Teaser


you will surely recognise these figures:relaxed: :

Best regards,


Re: Friday Teaser

Dear Strelets,

Thanks for staying up late to provide a Friday teaser on Friday morning our way!

Those look like excellent figures to me, but the Second World War devotees are all in bed (as you should be!), so any chance of a few more of those lovely Russian jägers or such?

Sorry to be greedy!

Regards, James

Re: Friday Teaser

2ww italian infantry, north Africa...good masters. Well done Strelets.

Re: Friday Teaser

If these guys are Italians in Africa as mr. Marco suggests, this one is going to be perhaps one of my favorite sets ever.


Re: Friday Teaser

Yes the forthcoming sets are shaping nicely we will be getting some nice presents under the tree this year.:heart_eyes:

Re: Friday Teaser

A machine gun with No2 Bravo! , very excited about the North Africa sets, not seen much of the others though......:innocent:

Re: Friday Teaser

Nice figures though a bit too modern and deserty for me. But I guess the curly whig fans have had their share of Friday surprises, so I won't complain. Let's just hope they make it in time for Christmas this year. Last year I could order by Chtistmas but it took till late January for the figures to arrive.

Re: Friday Teaser

Thank you for the preview, and happy to see some Italians - but shouldn't the Breda 30 be loaded from the right side?

See this video from 01:45 on:

This video shows the process at length, starting at 03:00:

Re: Friday Teaser

I thought the clip was inserted from the right as well.

Re: Friday Teaser

Useful clips, thank you Pa. Yes, as you point out, loading with a 20 round clip from the right side is the correct way of loading this somewhat awkward weapon. So in the Strelets master shown here, the right hand side of the gun should have a definite magazine; and the loader/Number 2 needs to re-position himself to load from the other side of the gun.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that an Italian infantry squad was unable to sustain the rate of fire of, say, a comparable German unit...and one reason was the Breda Modello 30 and its design problems.