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Re: Highlander Firing Line

I fully expect to swap out command figures from other Highland sets so there are healthy and stricken figures depending on the desired effect. I wonder whether that was the intent in rectifying the absence of casualties in other sets. In either case - kudos for filling a needed gap.

Re: Highlander Firing Line

Finally amazing to see action figures.
Please bring them all, Austrian, Russian, Prussian line and Landwher, with or without greatcoats.
Fire them all!
If you have time and energy, don't forget cavalry and artillery.
Good night and see you for the Friday treat.

Re: Highlander Firing Line

aw, the poor piper?

fabulous sculptures though.

Re: Highlander Firing Line

Agree with everything Mark has said.
Theses highlanders are a big improvment on the British firing line. Still the muskets look too short but they do have very good bayonets attached thankfully, plus the poses look better.

Just makes the British infantry set all the more painful to look at!!

Re: Highlander Firing Line

I'll keep my comment on this set very short:

Wonderful... :heart_eyes:

I'll definitely buy more than just one box ... :wink:

Re: Highlander Firing Line

A fine set of highlanders nice poses plus a number of casualties. Perhaps the sculptor is a music critic. I don't particularly like painting tartan I find it a lot more time consuming than trousers,still what I gain on the bayonets probably balances out. Although I am sure I have a number of Strelets highlanders in the attic. I am not sure the older type sculpting style sits well with the new. In either event I shall give this set a other contributors to the forum I would urge for more firing poses, still that's more sets to look forward too.
Many thanks...