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Re: Signalling a new week

A good news for me...but I really hope they' ll be a skirmisher and not on the march or at standing poses.

Re: Signalling a new week

Yesss! Russian Jaeger! I am jumping with joy. I do agree with my esteemed fellow hobbyist hoping that the poses will be in skirmishing and firing mode. That is what they were intended to do. Thank you Strelets.

Re: Signalling a new week

Fantastic news, finally some hopefully appropriate Russian Jaegers for the many battles of the decisive campaigns 1812-14.
Sadly, these essential & numerous troops were not really available in 1/72 till now. One of the most glaring gaps within the otherwise well saturated Napoleonics range.
Good to know that Strelets is going to remedy this shortcoming any time soon. :slightly_smiling_face:
I also hope for a further expansion of the major nations France, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Prussia.
3 different sets for main infantry formations each: marching, advancing/attacking and firing (with reloading poses & casualities).
1 set skirmishing for light Infantry and Jäger units. :wink:

Thanks for this preview and keep up your great work. :+1: